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Frank Palmer



    Getting into FEMA's

"Creating a Culture of


Let's understand, practice and include

 it in our preparedness plans.





Goal 1:

We can reduce damage, loss of life and enhance the nation’s resilience to disasters by leveraging several FEMA missions including: preparedness, insurance, mitigation, grants, and continuity.

We are engaging the many stakeholders—all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector and citizens—especially volunteers to join with us as partners in this effort.

How do we join together to meet this goal?

We will begin with four areas where we can drive 

change with FEMA and beyond.


We need to acknowledge that before, during and after a disaster, individuals working together in the impacted communities must be the first responders. We need to empower and prepare these individuals with lifesaving skills to help speed response and recovery efforts. 


We need to encourage citizens to be financially prepared 

for disasters. We need to reduce the financial burden of disasters 

to individuals, businesses, and governments by closing the 

insurance gap. There is no more important or valuable disaster 

recovery tool than insurance. This of course includes the National 

Flood Insurance Program. But it’s not just flood insurance. 

All types of insurance have a role to play in reducing financial risk.



We need to build more prepared and resilient communities to reduce risks 

to life, property, and taxpayer expense. This includes investing along with FEMA in mitigation such as property acquisition, rebuilding, and relocation. We must learn from the disasters and destruction by Rebuilding Better.

The National Institute of Building Sciences recently released a study that found, on average, $1 spent on Federally Funded mitigation grants saves the nation $6 in future disaster costs.



We need to assist communities before disaster strikes with their continuity planning to ensure that essential government services function following a disaster. This also includes issuing emergency alerts and notifications to ensure citizens are informed, and taking protective actions, during disasters.


We are asking for you to join us in building a culture of preparedness—

an ambitious, yet achievable goal.

What will you do?

Start with the basics - 

Background and educational tools for YOU:


for access to the program.


shows the up-coming challenges facing our emergency services in the USA


where you will find 6 webcast
introductions to basic all-hazards disruptions.


Our background.


Frank's blog spot where future videos, webcasts and 

topics of concern will be issued for your information,

comment and suggestions.


Important news and items of concern.


FEMA's 2018-2022 Goal and plan:



Something that you should be alerted to and will be incorporated

into 911moves.com advanced learning sessions. 

THIS will be covered in Frank's Bogworld-level 1 (understanding

the new challenges in our future preparedness baseline education). 

Essentially this 360 degree route has been completed. Citizens 

must have these basics of preparedness in their knowledge base. 




Understanding the new challenges facing everyone strengthens the resilience in our emergency response and recovery from disasters.


The new FEMA is explained at: https://www.chds.us/m/media/player?id=3469.













Multiple worldwide weather events are changing how and why we should become better prepared. 


The heart of All-Hazards Preparedness should automatically be in everyone's survival plans.


Until disaster hits home, the normal popular responses I've heard are "That could never happen" or "YOU are just a DISASTER JUNKIE obsessed with being prepared".


As a volunteer firefighter and medical technician with 38 years of service (until an serious accident put an end to that) taught me to "never say never" because....it may happen to us or someone we know.


I am posting this due to the concern for your safety. The theory and attitude "what can you do?", or "things will be what they may be" are unacceptable 

to this volunteer.


There's always some level of suffering, heartache, physical and psychological pain, long rehabilitation, and even death, in emergency events. The injury, stress and aftermath of many disasters can cause severe long-term personal damage. I'm stressing the need for you, your friends, and family to become Aware and Prepared for disaster and emergency events.


Yes, what is not being told to everyone "is that the events in the world are changing exponentially (as I write this). Are these normal events"?






Just looking at the above catastrophes you'll see that you need to become Awareness Prepared. Environmental pollution, animals killed, downed power lines, sewer  and water contamination.....that is what is in that water and flooded area.


If you are not ready or able to become basic All-Hazards prepared, please review the material here and pass this vital message to others you know. Preparedness is a must. Then, by passing this to at least 3 people, and then those "pay it forward" to  another 3 people; we can all save lives. Perhaps it could be you and/or someone you know.


The time is now and basic preparedness can be obtained on this cyber channel http://www.911moves.com. This educational network prepares you with the beginning Awareness Education you MUST have in your portfolio of knowledge.


Preparedness posting is located at: "Phase one of the community awareness program and is brought to you by the creators of http://www.911moves.com . 


The automated series is presented at:


Our 911 Tool Box (shown above) features 6 web casts introducing each of the age 

appropriate modules. We urge everyone to download the pdf materials while they are available.


Thank you. Your comments on the Phase One are welcomed. 

Personal introductions are available upon request".


The next major events are spreading in our oceans. They're silent but DEADLY.



Franklin Palmer 

Associate Editor

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